dawnielle badin

dawnielle badin

Dawnielle Badin is an Interior Designer based out of the Bay Area in California. View design portfolio, marketing portfolio, references and resume.


Rejoy Geehan

Rejoy Interiors, Inc.

Dawnielle is trustworthy and accountable. She does what she says she's going to do and she does it wholeheartedly with everything she has. There is no "half-way" effort when it comes to the way she approaches work. When Dawnielle gets her mind set on something she goes after it and finds solutions! If she doesn't have a resource, she would find it. If it didn't exist, she would create it.  Dawnielle is incredibly creative, intelligent and talented! She is eager to learn and she teaches others well.

Dawnielle is incredibly creative, intelligent and talented!
— Rejoy Geehan

Amy Fasnacht

Design Assistant
Rejoy Interiors, Inc.

Honesty is something I saw in Dawnielle right away. Whether it's business strategies or a personal conversation. Staying honest with people and giving her true opinion helps give her credibility and people appreciate her input because they know it will always be sincere. She is always finding a way to get something done. If one approach doesn't work she's on to the next one. Not giving up on something when one idea fails. 

Dawnielle motivates and expects others to work to their full potential. People want to work hard when they’re on her team.
— Amy Fasnacht
I believe I benefited greatly from Dawnielle’s talent and her need to reduce and simplify.
— Sonya Versluys