dawnielle badin

dawnielle badin

Dawnielle Badin is an Interior Designer based out of the Bay Area in California. View design portfolio, marketing portfolio, references and resume.

Interior Designers have such a unique job. It’s so wonderful to be able to make a career out of a passion for beautiful spaces. But most importantly, Designers have the privilege of becoming a part of a client’s life, just for a time, and changing the way they live for the better.

When you enter a space you should gain a fresh perspective and feel a bit more like you. Good design can stimulate the imagination, make you think or calm your soul. Creating spaces that connect with people and enhance their lives is the true power of good design.

I have a strong appreciation for architecture which often influences my design aesthetic. From custom furniture pieces to exterior details, I enjoy finding practical, creative solutions that provide functionality while adding visual interest. I lean towards symmetry and clean lines.

Design is for everyone.
My goal is to ensure more people have access to quality interior design services. Design should be more accessible and transparent. It shouldn’t be restricted to certain income brackets or even home owners.